Process of collecting, processing and analyzing data is crucial in order to understand business processes and boost their effectivity. Thanks to our advanced technology we can collect data from almost every data source - IoT sensors, logs, network devices, relational and non-relational databases, etc.


Collected data are basic inputs for transformation process resulting into highly informative outputs in the form of custom-made dashboards, real-time visualizations or easily understandable, interactive and fully adjustable reports.


Our IoT systems application and possibilities of use are truly wide, thanks to its adjustability and custom tailoring; e.g. industrial machines diagnostics, intelligent management of air conditioning and lighting in buildings, monitoring of physical parameters (temperature, humidity, vibrations) within various industrial and power engineering sectors etc.



Thanks to our experience we are fully capable to design, develop and deliver complex IoT system - software, data-measuring hardware and infrastructure (physical, cloud) together. However we are flexible and our software solutions can be connected with your existing hardware and infrastructure as well.